My approach

When we meet, you'll know there won't be much of a posey, artsy stuff happening while we work together. I'm a tall and clumsy guy who gets excited very easily and usually ends up with pants or shoes dirty after the shoot. I also love being being around people and my shoots usually start with coffee.

I always try to take photos that have some sort of memory attached to them. I don't care much about technical quality and perfect poses, I'd much rather make you smile or feel grateful for your life when you'll be browsing through the photos. I also believe this chapter of yours is worth documenting so you can always remember how it all started. So let's create memories together. We can then sneak in some family photos too.


WEDDING packages range between $2400 (6hrs) & $4800.

PORTRAITS start at $450 based on the location.

// weddings

Wedding is suppose to be a celebration, not a performance. You don't always get an opportunity to bring together your favorite people, eat your favorite food, dance to your all time favorite music and spend the day celebrating this transition between life's most important chapters.

The day will fly by super fast and I want to capture it all so you can always remember how it all felt.


Let's go on an adventure or just explore the streets of your town to celebrate how it all started. I'll bring coffee and my camera and we can start creating some magic.

// SMALL weddings

Maybe big weddings are not your thing and you'd much rather elope or celebrate your marriage with only few of your favorite people. As my availability can be limited on weekends, I decided to offer special pricing for smaller weddings and elopements on weekdays.