LKO LIGHTROOM Presets 2019

Scroll down to see before & after of each preset included in the pack.

The 2019 LKO PRESET PACK is finally out! These presets are a bit brighter and colorful than my previous ones, yet still feature that type of pacific northwest color palette you know me for. Each preset comes in three versions, because we all shoot different cameras and some files are more neutral than others. That’s why these presets will work with any camera system. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom & ACR.


LKO 2019 SET

  • LKO 01 - SIMPLE

  • LKO 02 - COLOR

  • LKO 03 - FOREST

  • LKO 04 - DUSTY

  • LKO 05 - FILM



  • LKO 08 - Black & White

  • film texture preset

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If you just want to try some of these presets and save some money, these three would be a good place to start.

  • LKO 03 - FOREST

  • LKO 05 - FILM

  • LKO 08 - Black & White

  • film texture preset

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If you’re here to just look, you can sign up for my newsletter and download free film texture preset (which you can then use with your own edits) and my black and white preset.


My most universal preset to date. No color shifts, no crazy desaturation, just nice pop, rich skin tones and rich greens. Guaranteed it’ll work for most photos. My go to preset for most of my work, super simple to use.


If you’ve used my old presets and loved the moodier, desaturated look, this preset might be your favorite. Based off of good old Tribe Archipelago LKO pack.


This is my go to preset when I want to bring colors back. It’s a bit faded with warmer shadows and greener highlights and it gives life to even the most flat photos that would lack colors.


This one is probably my most “signature look” preset. It’s warm, punchy, works perfectly with greens and reds. If you shoot in nature a lot, this might be your best choice. Note: not made for forest only, it’s pretty universal, I just love how it handles outdoor light. It’s also my go to preset for all my Fuji files.

LKO FILM and pushed film

I’ve been shooting a lot of film lately and felt inspired to create a preset that makes digital photos look like my film scans. I don’t even know how I was able to get here but it works! I use this one for most of my personal work or when I’m feeling creative. Comes as standard, pushed (for more contrast) and expired (faded with green tint) version.

LKO expired FILM

Just like the preset above, this one is inspired by my film scans. It reminds me of expired film look or when you underexpose your shots and the final photos lose some highlight and shadow details. There’s a green, red and blue version of this preset.


I’ve always struggled to find a perfect balance of fade and contrast but this preset just works for anything, one click. It fits perfectly next to my color ones so I suggest using this one for your galleries for consistency.

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