lko presets

Moody, nostalgic, timeless, easy to use presets, featuring deep greens and soft skin tones. We’ve sold over 3000 copies of LKO over the years and this set is the best one yet. If you know my work, you know editing is a big part of the mood I’m capturing in my photography. I use these presets to edit weddings in Lightroom on my computer and my personal stuff using Lightroom mobile app. Instructions and tutorials how to use these presets, install and and sync them across your devices, all of that is included.

LKO 2019

LKO - lightroom presets for wedding photographers.jpg

My latest Lightroom presets that I use for most of my wedding work. Set contains 9 presets total, including some signature look presets, some timeless & easy to use ones, and my favorites - film presets inspired by Kodak 35mm film.

Click HERE for before & afters.

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LKO 2019 + my older presets that have been originally released on Tribe Archipelago. Those old presets are darker, moodier, work especially great with older camera models.

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Enter your email and download some free presets - film texture (you can use it as a final touch to your edit), and my black and white preset.