Love Letter to Wedding Photography

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Dear colleague,

I know it’s scary. I’m sorry for all your weddings and photoshoots being cancelled. I’m sorry that your workshops are being postponed, sorry for all the anxiety about the future income. Sorry for all the new inquiries disappearing from your inbox.

These are hard times, our industry has probably never faced a bigger challenge. But despite the chaos and fear, I want you to remember why we love this job, why we love this life. It’s gonna be alright again, this is a love letter to an industry that has given us so much. Maybe you need a little reminder. Like I did.

Remember all the happy faces of your couples when you showed them the back of your camera. Time and times again, you made them feel good about how they look and who they are.

Remember the adrenalin rush when you shot your first dream gig. You knew you were creating something amazing and you couldn’t sustain yourself. Golden hour, blue hour, it was all too good to stop shooting. You were fully present and your heart was beating faster than ever.

Remember how you rushed home and edited until 4am because it was impossible to stop thinking about the photos you just took and the memories you just made.

Remember how exciting it was to show the world what you’ve created, how encouraging the community has been while seeing you grow.

Remember your first paycheck. You got paid for taking photos, what a dream.

Remember the freedom this life of a wedding photographer gave you. Early birds, night owls, it doesn’t matter. You were always free to take it easy or to hustle. Or switch between the two.

Remember your first destination wedding booked, someone is paying you to travel and take photos, what a dream, again.

Remember meeting your photography heroes for the first time. Realizing they’re just normal, humble human beings, happy to chat with you about your shared passion.

Remember when that new photographer reached out to you for advice because they respected your opinion so much and went out of their comfort zone to ask for help.

Remember the feelings while reading the email from your client after you just sent them the gallery. Their gratefulness has kept you going for years.

Remember discovering that new tool in Lightroom that finally gave your photos the look you’ve been aiming for.

Remember that year you booked enough weddings to go full time.

Remember all the friends you’ve made through this shared passion. Fellow photographers, past clients, now they’re a big part of your life.

Remember it all.

How beautiful our job is.

How beautiful this world is.

Now, more than ever, when nothing is for granted. So that when this is finally over and we have our passion back, we can appreciate it even more. We can come back more humble, more grateful.

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