How to Edit Photos like a Pro: Using Brushes

During one of my Skype editing classes, we were discussing the importance of Lightroom brushes and spot healing and how small changes can accomplish this soft light look. That inspired me to start a new section on this blog where I can show you how I edited some of my photos. Let’s jump right into it.

This is where we start. RAW photo shot on my Fujifilm X-Pro2 and 23mm f1.4 lens.


LKO Forest preset applied (my go to preset for all Fuji files):


If you’ve read some of my older blogposts about editing, you know I like cleaning distracting elements out of the photo. I used the spot healing tool in Lightroom to get rid of the crack on the wall and the string under the window. Now the photo looks so much cleaner.


Next, I played around with Brushes and Graduated Filters in Lightroom. I wanted to empathize the soft light coming out of the window so I darkened the top right and bottom left part of a photo.

Click to switch between the final image and RAW file.

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  1. Sakra sakra! jakto, že jsem na tohle všechno narazil až teď (díky soutěži o fuji) parádní články!

    ig: davidbartecek

  2. Diky bohu, že jsem díky soutěži narazil na tenhle blog. Vůbec jsem o tom nevěděl, a to tě sleduju na IG dlouho… tohle jsou tipy k nezaplacení.

    IG: @themartinjanes

  3. Brushes became my best friend when experimenting with analogue photography and postprocess. You do it so well! 🖤 __claroscuro_

  4. I bought your presets and learned a lot about editing from using them as a base when I first started photography.

    You contacted me once to help me out, which was very appreciated!


  5. Naprosto skvělej step by step a začínám si uvědomovat jakou výhodu mají tutorialy na blogu vs na YT.

  6. Always love your work! Thank you for the editing tips and continued education. I use LKO Signature on all my Fuji color images.


  7. To be honest. Light room on my phone.. It’s so hard to understand. It would be interesting to learn sth from you how to use it. Ig @kallethetoller

  8. What an upgrade! I actually really liked the one without the darkened corners but I can see how it added intensity to the shot 🙂 @floweryflowerygirly

  9. Always scary to erase details for fear that someone might notice a pattern repetition or else, but you make it smooth. Nice post, great edit advice. @its_pronounced_kate

  10. This is so helpful! I’ve always loved this type of look and struggle to find it in my own process so thank you for the tips!!

  11. Thanks for this quick and helpful tip! I never thought about using the graduated filter to empathize soft light. I’ll definitely have to try that next time I’m editing!
    Instagram: @zack_french

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