How to Edit Photos like a Pro: Using Brushes

During one of my Skype editing classes, we were discussing the importance of Lightroom brushes and spot healing and how small changes can accomplish this soft light look. That inspired me to start a new section on this blog where I can show you how I edited some of my photos. Let’s jump right into it.

This is where we start. RAW photo shot on my Fujifilm X-Pro2 and 23mm f1.4 lens.


LKO Forest preset applied (my go to preset for all Fuji files):


If you’ve read some of my older blogposts about editing, you know I like cleaning distracting elements out of the photo. I used the spot healing tool in Lightroom to get rid of the crack on the wall and the string under the window. Now the photo looks so much cleaner.


Next, I played around with Brushes and Graduated Filters in Lightroom. I wanted to empathize the soft light coming out of the window so I darkened the top right and bottom left part of a photo.

Click to switch between the final image and RAW file.

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