Upcoming Workshops

I usually teach at photography conferences at least once a year. These are a great way to get to know other photographers and learn from multiple experienced mentors. These are some of my most recent and upcoming ones.

NOVEMBER 4-11TH, 2019

MAY 5TH, 2021

JULY 11-15TH, 2021

JUne 30th - july 6th, 2022

Skype Mentor Session

I offer one on one mentor classes for photographers. Most of my sessions are about editing or growing your business but you can come with any topics in mind and we can try to tackle each. Email me and we can chat about if this would be a right investment for you or not. I want you to learn and come out of our session inspired with fresh ideas for your business so if both of us feel that I can help you, we’ll schedule a call.

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Photography mentor session

Lightroom mini workshop

Everything about running a photography business, how I book clients, how I approach social media, how I approach my photoshoots - posing, light, camera settings, etc.

Up to one hour of deep dive into Lightroom tools, how to make and use presets and going over specifics how to edit harsh light and other tricky photo scenarios.

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