Film, pt II & Why it’s important to choose a good Photo Lab


I got some film scans back from last two months, this feeling never gets old. So many memories, trips and happy faces. Everything shot on my Leica M2 and Kodak Portra 400 film.

If you’re into film, one advice I can give you is to invest a little extra and send your film to a good lab. I normally send mine to Indie Film Lab and the results have been amazing. This time I settled for a cheaper and faster option as I only had few personal rolls. I still love the results, I just had to play with the scans a little bit to add a some contrast and fix the white balance. So if you really care about quality of your scans, choose a good lab!



couple film engagement photos portra


yosemite on film portra 400


waterfall in oregon shot on film Leica

seattle indie film lab



film scan





how to choose a film lab








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  1. These are so pretty I honestly love your style! I love the grain and light in your photos 🙂

  2. My goodness I Love the way film looks. These photos I’ve off such a vibe. Thank you for sharing your tips. I really want to get back into film photography, haven’t done it in a while. My Instagram : @ayonnaleevisuals

  3. True, my photo lab edits the pictures for me and scans in very low resolution..
    Next time I’m going somewhere else 🙂


  4. I’m super new to the film game, but it’s such a good way to capture personal stuff. Thanks for the lab recommendation! I need to try them out @brandon.burridge

  5. I love to shoot film as well! Your blogs are so inspiring to me! Makes me want to go out and shoot

    IG: @samuelstobberingh

  6. These shots are simply breath taking. I’ve been shooting film a lot more frequently and I have yet to find a “great” lab to send them off to. I often pick the cheaper one because I’m a broke college student but I’ll have to check out Indie labs and see how they do. Thank you for your suggestion! Can’t wait for the opportunity to shoot with a Fiji or edit with your presets! You inspire me! @nathanael_bustamante

  7. Love these so so much! So far, I was pretty lucky with the lab I went to. Really hope that quality is going to be kept up… @floweryflowerygirly

  8. Wow awesome shots! So true, the first time I got stuff back from a quick develop I was let down, now I always go to a top tier lab, it costs only slightly more but the results are so much better!

  9. The lab I recently developed my Portra 400 just spoiled it all. Scans full of dust and water marks. Really need to find another lab.

    IG: @yellowishframes

  10. Neskutecna atmosféra!
    Portland a okolí mám na svém seznamu už dlouho a teď i díky tomu, ze jsem se na rok přestěhovala do Kanady, to vypada i docela nadějně!
    IG EsterEmilly

  11. Krásné fotografie. Film mě láká, ale je možné vůbec v ČR vyvolat kvalitně fotky, včetně profesionálního naskenování? Máte s tím v ČR nějaké zkušenosti?

    1. Diky moc! V cesku jsem nechaval vyvolat jen ve FotoSkoda, jsou tam hodne rychli, ale samozrejme neni to uplne o kvalite, takze kdyz mi na tom filmu hodne zalezelo, poslal jsem par roli do Carmencita Photo Lab ve Spanelsku.

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