Weekend in mountains with Fuji X-Pro2. I just love this camera


You know I'm a Fuji fanboy. Although I mostly shoot weddings with my Canon, my Fuji X-Pro2 is probably my favorite camera I've ever had and the one I always bring with me. This blogpost is not about comparisons and tech stuff (I already reviewed this camera in THIS blogpost). I just wanted to share few photos from a recent adventure. This is exactly the reason I love having this camera.

 xpro-2 adventure photography

For the first time, I had a chance to play with Fuji's 23mm f2 lens (I'm more familiar with the f1.4 version) and I'm pretty impressed by its bokeh and depth of field. Not bad for a crop sensor camera, not bad! Focusing is much better than with the f1.4 version. I also had my usual 16mm and 35mm lens combo with me.

Alright, here's some photos. Edited with LKO.

 xf 23mm f2 bokeh
 fujifilm xt20 with old strap