Old school Land Rover, crafted beer, ceremony with an amazing mountain view, denim jackets... This wedding in Czech mountains had it all and the rain didn't stop it. When the bride pushes you to  hike to the top of the mountain even though there is a 99% chance of storm, you know it's gonna be a special day.

Shot with Canon 5D mark IV and 5D mark III

Edited with LKO Presets.

beautiful view on the mountains and an eagle flying by
rustic wedding details
ceremony location
boho wedding details
hipster wedding dress hanging on the fence
boho wedding dress
adventurous wedding details
eucalyptus gown
mountain wedding venue oregon
photo of customized wedding rings
bride getting her make up done
bride and her mom getting ready
bride's view on the ceremony location
parents of the bride came to surprise her in her room
bride's mom with tears of happiness
beautiful cabin room where the bridal party is getting ready
view at the cabin
bride holding a pin with their wedding symbols
bride looking out of the window
bride holding a piece of flower
map of a campsite where the wedding is taking place
groom with his groomsmen walking to their secret spot
groom and groomsmen laughing
bride looking at her groom and smiling
groom bringing beer to his groomsmen
crafted beer
groomsmen drinking beer in the forest
black and white photo of a bride in the cabin
emotional father of the bride getting ready
artistic photo of bride putting her wedding gown on
portrait of the bride in her wedding dress
first look between the bride and her father in front of a the cabin 
groom nervously waiting for his bride before the ceremony
first look with a view

first look with a view

bride walking down the aisle with the cabin in the background
ceremony in the mountains begins
ceremony in mountains
epic wide angle photo of the mountain ceremony location
mountain wedding venue
bridal party cheering during the ceremony
bride and groom exchanging the rings
bride crying with happiness during the ceremony
first kiss in front of the mountain
proud dad looking at the ceremony
pure happiness after the ceremony
bride and groom walking down the aisle 
land rover defender as a surprise gift
bride entering the old school defender
kissing inside the land rover
bride and groom leaving the mountain site
hipster defender at the wedding
hipster land rover defender at the wedding
epic mountain wedding portrait
intimate moment on the top of the mountain
bride and groom found a cabin in the forest
portrait of a bearded groom
portrait of the bride with mountains in the background
epic portrait of a hipster wedding couple in the forest
epic wedding on the mountaintop
groom looking at his bride in the forest
adventurous wedding locations
epic mountain wedding
rain at the wedding
bridal party rocking denim jackets
hipster groomsmen wearing matching cardigans
caramel boho rustic cake
first dance in the cabin
rainy mountain view