I moved from Europe to Portland, Oregon

portland wedding photographer.jpg

I finally did it. After years of coming back, building life long friendships and creating some of my favorite work, I moved to the west coast of the US, this time for good. It's been quite a journey to get here, oh trust me. The political situation is pretty sketchy, photography market is extremely oversaturated and the visa process is not a joke, especially if you're a freelancing artist. But after exactly one year of some brutal paperwork I'm ready to call America my new home.

I plan to write few more blogposts about the visa process and maybe some specific steps it took me to get from Europe to the US on an (tough to get) artist visa with unlimited entries because I know questions won't stop coming. But until now, here's just a few thoughts I've been writing down during my 24 hours one way flight while sipping cheap orange juice and trying not to get distracting by a crying baby in a seat in front of me.

I've been wanting to move here for the past five years but never actually pursued long term options. But somewhere during one of those long drives between Portland and San Francisco, things started to change. God's been planting this seed inside of my heart for way too long and in a meantime he was preparing job opportunities for me that I could have never found myself. In the past year or two, I've been receiving more and more inquiries from the US (thanks Instagram, I guess?) and I just couldn't ignore those any longer. So now I'm here, this time with no return date (at least for now) and I'm excited like never before.

Now let's get this wedding season going.

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