Warning: You might change all your past wedding ideas after this.

Is there something more romantic than ditching all the traditions and just celebrate the marriage alone in the land of your dreams? This Iceland Elopement was something special. The couple was actually planning a full wedding back home, elopement was not even on their mind. I remember meeting them for a coffee and seeing frustration in their eyes. Apparently the venue the picked was not what they wanted because they had to settle in so many ways to make their families happy. Their expenses were going through the roof and they were super anxious about organising everything. All I remember was them talking about going to Iceland later which has been their dream since they've met. "Why don't you get married in Iceland and then just celebrate with your family when you come back?" I asked. The look in their eyes was priceless. The next day they called and said they want to get married in Iceland, hike around volcanos and run on the black sand beach together while reading their vows. They ended up exactly that. Iceland Wedding, enjoy <3

dyrholaey beach
iceland waterfalls
couple hugging in front of a waterfall
walking around Haifoss
epic scenery
iceland valley
horses on the side of the road
cuddling a horse
icelandic roads
couple and a volcano
wedding bouquet
wedding rings in inceland
rings exchange
first kiss
walking on a black sand beach
reading vows
embracing the moment
iceland wedding photography
black and white photo of bride and groom
wedding ceremony in VIK, Iceland.
typicall icelandic light, dark and moody
happy moments, bride and groom
groom's wedding outfit
bride and groom's big hug
windy weather in Iceland
soft kisses
typical Iceland elopement location
More Volcanos in south
epic view on Icelandic landscape
Cute cabins on the coast
bride and groom running around lava fields
moody photo
wedding at sunset
the moments after the ceremony
wife and husband now
classic icelandic landmark visit
creative portrait of bride
Iceland church
dyrholaey after the susnet
groom helping the bride
bride and groom hug after a hike
black and white wedding photo
couple poses for a epic shot
beautiful sky at dyrholaey
epic sunset