Forest Weddings are my favourite. Klara and Martin are such a beautiful and adventurous couple and they have the best people around them. This entire day was super laid back, just a celebration with their friends and family. They kissed under pine trees, ate blueberries and laughed all the time. Bride's wedding dress was a perfect fit for the forest, her bouquet was made out of pine needles and pine cones. And that teepee at the end of this set - they actually spent their wedding night there.

 forest wedding details
 groom and groomsmen getting ready
 bride helping her future husband
 groom excited before the ceremony
 bride kissing the groom
 bride collecting wild flowers
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 guests arriving to the ceremony
 live music
 groom and his mom arriving
 bride walking down the isle with her dad
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 groom smiling at his future wife

When a groom is a Star Wars geek and bride surprises him with a stormtrooper.

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 exiting the ceremony
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 cutting the wedding cake
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 inside the barn
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 camping after the wedding