Married in one of the Best Wedding Venues in Portland


Portland has some of the best wedding venues and Leftbank Annex is on top of the list for me. I met Spencer and Mackenzie on a trip in Austria three years ago, we had few lucky encounters ever since - I accidentally met them in LA so we took some engagement photos, then they decided to get married in this amazing wedding venue in northeast Portland, right when I moved here myself.

Gear used: Fuji X-Pro2, Canon 5D mark IV. Edited with LKO presets.

View on the city of Portland out of the hotel window
wedding dress & bridesmaids
bride to be
getting ready wedding robes
bride and her bridesmaid laughing
getting ready
black and white photograph at a wedding
bride trying her veil on
groom sent his bride to be a little gif
bride crying
groom and his groomsmen getting ready
groomsmen exchanging gifts
groom exchanging gifts
groom putting his shoes on
photo of a groom putting his wedding outfit on
bridesmaids having fun in a hotel room
brides laughing and throwing confetti
bride and her mom sharing a moment
bride’s mom proud of her daughter

Spencer booked MODE Studio in Portland for the first look, it was also the same room he proposed to MacKenzie few months before. As a photographer

first look before the ceremony
portland studio wedding
groom proudly looking at his fiancee in portland studio
bride laughing at her groom
bride and groom dancing in portland studio
parents of bride and groom watching the couple dance
bride and her mom hugging
hipster bride posing in portland studio
bride being photographed at hipster wedding venue
portrait of a bride playing with her dress
hipster wedding dress
hipster wedding photo of bride, groom and their plant
wedding dress details
first kiss between bride and groom in portland studio
hugging and dancing in portland studio
portrait of a groom standing by the window
bride sitting on a couch
vintage wedding portrait
bride waiting for groom
bride waiting before heading to the wedding venue in northeast portland
portland studio wedding portrait
couple being shy and cute
bride showing her wedding bouquet
portrait of a bridal party in portland studio
bridesmaids posing for a group photo
bride dancing through the crowd
groomsmen posing
candid photo of the best man
groomsmen matching socks
groomsmen teasing the groom
entrance to leftbank annex in portland
customized wedding sign in Leftbank Annex
Groom waiting before the ceremony
guests arriving for the wedding ceremony
groom’s parents before the wedding ceremony
bride and her dad walking down the aisle
groom in tears
bride looking at the groom in best wedding venues in portland
laughter and tears
proud dad
black and white photo of bride crying
ceremony begins
leftbank annex is one of the best wedding venues in portland
groom reading vows
classic portrait of groomsmen
portrait of bridesmaids
prayer during the ceremony
bride and groom holding hands
bride and groom hugging
bride crying and laughing in leftbank annex
wedding rings in portland
live music at the ceremony
bride and groom enjoying the show
parents of the bride and groom praying
couple leaving the industrial wedding venue and heading out
bride walking down the aisle laughing
bride and groom walking out on a street in portland oregon
leftbank annex wedding venue in portland oregon
monstera at a wedding
table decorations in portland
receptions in portland ready
industrial wedding reception
bride’s father giving speech
guests cheering
first dance during the portland reception
groom and bride hugging in leftbank annex lobby
guests enjoying this portland wedding
bride dances with her dad
groom and his mom dancing
bride and groom cutting wedding cake in portland
bride and groom on a portland street
bride leaving the wedding venue and heading to her hotel in downtown portland