"let's remember how it felt"

I want to capture this amazing life chapter of yours so that you can always remember how it all started. One day you'll be browsing through the photos together and you'll remember all those little memories behind each frame - what you've said to each other in that moment, what song was playing or simply how it all felt. Those are the photos I want to take.

I offer half and full day wedding coverage, we can also customize an elopement or small wedding package.


"memories > visuals"

My portrait shoots are usually 1 - 2 hours long, we can hang out around your favorite coffee shop or road trip to the coast, mountains or anywhere else.


I love shooting my Leica and lately film photography has been my favorite hobby. It’s slow, it’s real, it’s hard work, it’s magical. If you like film and don’t need tons of photos, I’ll be more than happy to bring my old Leica, few rolls of film and play around. No matter if it’s for an engagement shoot, wedding or anything else. Here are some of my film photos.

PNW elopement photographer.jpg

Weddings start at $2900

elopements start at $1800

portraits are $500-$650 based on the location