Lukas Korynta

About Lukas

I'm a full time wedding and portrait photographer who loves life, Jesus and being around people. I get excited very easily all the time and I'm very uncoordinated and clumsy, which makes people around me laugh so that must be a good thing. I love Korean food and making my own coffee. I always listen to Gregory Alan Isakov when I drive and I rewatch old romantic movies too often (You Got Mail and Serendipity, anyone?).


After years of coming back and falling in love with the area again and again, I made a decision to move from Prague to Portland, Oregon. It's a scary but exciting time for me but I'm excited about life and work like never before. 


Interviews: Beloved Stories, Rucksack Magazine


My playlist

I like to say that one of the best ways to get to know a person is by taking a look into their playlist. Here are some of my recent favorites. Enjoy if you have a minute or open in Spotify.