Lukas Korynta
In my favourite coffee shop Prince Coffee in my favourite city of Portland.

In my favourite coffee shop Prince Coffee in my favourite city of Portland.

About lukas

I'm that guy who's always pushing others to wake up for a sunrise. The guy who tells his friends to quit their jobs if they are not happy. The guy whoes first stop in a new city is usually one of the local coffee shops. I'm also the guy who loves being around people and always feels a need to document the little moments of life, whether it's on top of a mountain during a beautiful sunset, or while walking around the block with my girl.

I like to think that I was given the ability to always be in the right place at the right time for some reason, which helped me to become a photographer I am today. I also love to travel to new places and my heart melts when I see two people's first dance. If shooting weddings is not my dream job, I don't know what else can be.

Some things I like: West Coast, Korean food, dogs and cats, acoustic guitar, rainy days, smell of wood, smell of coffee beans, leather accessories, surprises, spontaneous trips, love notes...


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Music moves my heart sometimes. One of the best ways to get to know a person is probably by takíng a look into their playlist. Here are some of my recent favourites. Enjoy if you have a minute. 


my approach

My favourite part of photography by far is the memory behind every frame. I love when the image is so strong that it bring up the good times or just those feelings from that moment. That's why I'll never fake a moment to get a slightly better angle. I want you to browse through the photos one day and remember how blessed you are.


I am based in central Europe (I live in Prague and shoot majority of my weddings in CZ, Austria and Switzerland) but I also spend a lot of time around the West Coast every year (California, Oregon). If I really like the location I'd go pretty much everywhere. So let's talk.

my rates

I offer short day packages, full day packages as well as special elopement and destination wedding pricing. I have a detailed sheet with all the info so get in touch and I'll email it to you. CONTACT HERE.