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Unposed, real, fun, raw, filmy, colorful, old school. Those words probably describe my photography the best. I'm a tall, clumsy guy who's obsessed with the 80s, analog cameras, printing everything (I believe that's the way to look at photos) and who spends way too much time tweaking colors and playing with film. My motto is MEMORIES > VISUALS, I want you to remember how you felt not just capture pretty images you'll have no emotional connection to. I want you to feel things.


Beloved Stories, Rucksack Magazine

My Approach

I love capturing real moments but know when to direct people. I’m trying to avoid trendy poses and focus on timeless work that you’ll be looking at for years to come. I’m obsessing over colors and editing and want my photos to look great on your phone as well as in a print. I love adventuring around the northwest but some of my favorite weddings have actually been indoors. Let’s talk more to see if we’d be a right fit!